Workout Screen


(Self Initiated project)

The Challenge

Redesign the Active Workout Screen  to empower women with more flexibility, variety and support when working towards health and fitness goals

The Approach… 

Be at one with the user

To understand the users needs further and discover where their pain points are I read through app store reviews, for both Apple and Android.

I spoke with family members who fit the user demographic and have used the app in the past to understand what they liked, disliked and why they chose to go to a class over working out in the comfort of home.

I even had a go at a circuit or two myself.

My initial ideas were developed by these findings, but the challenge then become quite apparent.

When the app is so widely loved and when many enjoy how easy it is to use…

As I was working through the circuits myself I could empathise with the feedback and set out to design an awesome active workout screen.


How Might We

Make the workouts more intuitive, remove some interactions and enhance the fun?

Working through the ideas

The Solution

Add a pinch of motivation and a sprinkle of UI magic

In collating the feedback, it was noted that the clock be more obvious, I have moved it front and centre. By including the current exercise and reps in a similar location it works to Millers Law keeping information required to be retained to a minimum in a consistent and simple format.

By including some simple component transitions it gives the user some extra time to get into position ready to complete the circuit.

Now the elephant in the room… the visual timeline, I have taken inspiration from interactive patterns used through out the app, the vertical swipe. It is a common pattern around the web and in apps and as the feedback suggests users prefer more time to view the next exercise. 

Finally the drawer, this highlights your achievements during this circuit and surfaces the users best to date. Note: This could be weights, time, steps. The example I have used is best effort measured by laps complete. This is highlighted this as an extra incentive to chase your personal best, in a way gamifying the workout, making it more fun as the user challenges themselves. 

The drawer acts as a visual cue to swipe up and find workout instructions, add a playlist casting on apple TV and of course settings. 


Some things aren’t so visual

But equally important none-the-less.

Adding in some more voice cues as feedback suggests that not everyone uses the visual cues. By adding a halfway point call and adding some encouragement for the user.

“You’re half way, Awesome work, keep it up!”

“Push… just 30 seconds to go”

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